- CATV / MATV / SMATV Cable
   - CCTV Cable
   - Alarm / Security Cable
   - Control Cable
   - Telephone Cable
   - Electric Wire
   - Audio / Video HIFI Cable
   - Telecomm Coaxial Cable
   - Electronic Wire / Cable
   - LAN Cable
   - Automotive Wire
   - Others Cable
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With our long time experience in providing and manufacturing many kind of cable, we know exactly what our valued customer needs. Quality product, fast delivery and our customer's satisfaction is always our top priority. Whatever requirements and expectations, we ensure that they will not be missed and left out.

To serve an ever-increasing demands in a variety of the cable, we continuously invest in advanced machines and test equipment to improve our production capabilities in many kind of cable.  We do also setup a quality inspections process which will provide high stable product quality.  Moreover, we can trace our product back to its material.

We treat our customer as a business partner and always wish our customer success.  This is because once our customer grows, we also grow.    

***** We pride ourself as Thailand No#1 RG6 CABLE FACTORY. *****


Here're what we're committed to offer
- High quality product with competitive price
- OEM product with low volumn of order
- Custom design per your specific requirements and budgets
- Fast and on-time delivery
- Flexible business deal

สายไฟฟ้าทองแดงมาตราฐานใหม่ มอก 11-2553
สายไฟฟ้าอลูมิเนียม มอก 293-2541
ผลิตและจำหน่ายแล้ว วันนี้ !!!!!!!!!!
Our product includes but not limit to the following list
- Wire for Air Remote Control
- Tinned Copper Braid Wire for Electric Appliance Grounding
- Coaxial Cable for TV Antenna Assembly
- Feeder Cable for Car Radio Antenna
- Cable for Key Board and Mouse
- Speaker Wire for Audio Speaker Assembly
- Audio Cord for Microphone
- Cable for CCTV System
- Chrismas Wire for Chrismas Light Set
- Feeder Cable for Mobile Radio Trunking
- Interconnecting Cable for Telecommunication
- LAN Cable for Computer Networking
- Jumper Cable for Electronic
- Station Wire for Telephone
- Alarm and Security Cable
- Etc.
รับผลิตสายชนิดต่าง ๆ ในยี่ห้อของท่าน
พร้อมระบบควบคุมคุณภาพ ISO9001 

- สาย Coaxial Cable RG-6 CCTV Satellite
- สายโทรศัพท์ สาย Drop Wire
- สายไมโครโฟน สายลำโพง สายเครื่องเสียงต่าง ๆ
- สาย Control สาย Security สาย FireAlarm
- สายไฟและสายสัญญาณ ต่าง ๆ ทุกชนิด

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